Sep 042013

I’m always excited to try new exercises that challenge both my body and new muscle groups. This was yesterday’s workout. Awesome workout – no gym required! Just stairs, the great outdoors and me. It was super hard, and definitely challenging as it required stability, coordination and body strength.

It’s absolutely imperative that during any workout routine you remain 100% focused on your technique and form. Mastering both should be your ultimate goal first, then speed and reps second. Poor form may result in bodily injuries, so trust me when I say “focus”! Plus, proper form guarantees an awesome workout and maximum results.

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  1. I just discovered your site through Instagram and I absolutely love your creative approach to workouts and your unique exercises. I’ve been browsing your FB page and website and was curious to know if all the workouts you post are ones that you do or are they in addition to something else? For example, some of your at home workouts show exercises or variations on specific exercises (burpees, push-ups, etc) so I was wondering if these are just suggestions for us to use in combination with other exercises and/to ideas to include in our own workouts?

    This site is amazing! Thank you..I look forward to reading more.

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