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When it comes to burpees, many would agree that it’s a true love-hate relationship. Why?

Burpees are one of the single most amazing exercises on the planet and are highly respected within the fitness community. They require extreme effort using just your body weight and can be done anywhere at anytime. Known for their powerful results, burpees will challenge every muscle in your body. They are an intense combination of both strength training and cardio training which makes them a popular choice by all military forces, crossfit aficionados, extreme athletes, and fitness junkies.┬áIn fact, a 10 minute burpee session alone can burn approximately 100 calories. I’m positive you have heard the saying “sweat is fat crying”, right? Perhaps “calorie murdering” is more like it.

I failed to mention earlier that burpees are also a staple exercise within the prison community. Their explosive nature and high intensity requires not one, not two, but THREE jumps and while combining a series of standard exercises (push-up, squat, jump). Need I say more?

So what are you waiting for? Now that you have a list of 30 burpee variations, drop and give me twenty!

30 Burpee Variations:

-Box Jump Burpee
-Candlestick Burpee
-Dumbbell Burpee
-Deadlift Burpee
-Deadman Burpee
-Decline Burpee
-Double Burpee
-Double Thrust Burpee
-Half Count Burpee
-Jump Over Burpee
-Jump Up Burpee
-Lateral Jump Burpee
-Long Jump Burpee
-Medicine Ball Burpee
-Mountain Climber Burpee
-Muscle-up Burpee
-One Armed Burpee
-One Leg Burpee
-Pull-up Burpee
-Side Burpee
-Standard Burpee
-Star Jump Burpee
-Step-up Burpee
-Toes-to-bar Burpee
-Traveling Burpee
-Tuck Jump Burpee
-Twister Burpee
-Up Down Burpee
-Upright Row Burpee
-8 Count Burpee

30 Burpee Variations

Burpees + Tuck Jump Variation


Note: Please DO NOT ATTEMPT to perform any of the exercises on the above “30 Burpee Variations” list or any workout on this blog without consulting your primary physician first. You know your body best, therefore you are ultimately responsible for your own safety.

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  1. Oh lord, I just signed up for a Spartan Sprint and if there is an obstical you fail the first time or just can not do, you have to do 30, ahem, let me say that again…THIRTY BURPEES to even continue the race…better start practicing now.

  2. Holy Burpies! Never knew there were so many variations!

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