Oct 182013

Once upon a time…
It’s go time. You’re standing in the middle of the gym contemplating where to head first. It’s no surprise that the gym is overcrowded with what may seem like a thousand people. After all, it is Saturday. Grrrr…bulging muscle head dudes, supermodels and the seventeen year-old Little Miss Perfects. Come on, decide already! Free weights? Machines? How about those intriguing gadgets crossfitters use that you wouldn’t know what to do with anyway? As you carefully scan each section of the gym, as if you’re now a part of the secret service, you make eye contact with a man that clearly could be the next Christian Grey. Crap! Look away. Look down. DO SOMETHING! Phone, phone, where’s my fricking phone?!

360 Degree Push-up

360 Degree Push-up

Sound familiar? How did this interesting little chapter end in your book of fitness stories? Hopefully you didn’t surrender to the standard workout that you remember doing in eighth grade gym class. Trust me, I get it! Whether it’s the reassuring familiarity that imprisons us in a I-Only-Know-How-To-Do-Crunches-Prison, or it’s the unnerving thought that Mr. Sexy is horrifyingly gawking at our every move. Regardless, we’re capable of doing so much more than we realize.

Here’s my advice… First and foremost, it’s YOU versus YOU! Don’t ever forget that. Second, NEVER hesitate to try new variations in order to surprise your body and challenge different muscle groups. Trust me when I say that some of the most basic, standard movements are the most effective in terms of kicking your booty! Not only does this one challenge your entire chest, but it demands strength from your upper back, lower back and abdomen. Have fun with your workouts. Use what you do know and get creative. There are countless variations to the basic exercises that we know and love today. I created this short video in hopes that you will be inspired to think outside of the “norm” and more importantly your comfort zone. Rock on Team FitWasted!

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