Mar 042014

Sweet Potato TotsFOODIE ALERT — THIS IS MY NEW FAV!!! These crunchy “Sweet Potato Tots” are da BOMB, and more importantly HEALTHY! More often than not, people ask me to post healthy recipes and foodie pics. They want to know what’s on my plate and how I fuel my body on a daily basis. Well, here’s the truth. A friend of mine suggested this ebook called the Body Fuel System. Quite honestly, at the time I was working through a major career change and couldn’t wrap my brain around reading a book, let alone grocery shopping and meal prep. We’ve all been there.

Now, I’m willing to bet that I’m not the only human being that likes to pop up social media just before bed. It’s how I wind down at night. I started reading Part 1 and quickly realized that THIS WAS EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED! It’s full of in-depth nutrition advice, meal plans, itemized grocery lists and weekly recipes (by day, by meal). If you’re serious about reprogramming your diet and ready to reshape your future, check this out.


-Weekly Grocery Lists
-Weekly Meal Prep Guides
-Serving Sizes & Portions
-Daily Menus (By Meal)


-Crush Cravings
-Protein Sources & Proper Intake
-Food Pairing
-Dining Out & Traveling


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