Feb 092014

LOVE THESE SHORTSWhen I find something I like, I buy them in multiple colors. Where do you shop for your fitness apparel? Believe it or not, shopping has always been an extremely frustrating experience for me. Why? Because I’m 5 feet tall with a body that naturally craves to be curvy (genetically it’s inevitable). Seriously, have you ever shopped at VS? Why are those “PINK” sweat pants 1000 feet long??? LOL. Honestly, it’s a rare, monumental occasion when I can buy directly off the shelf and wear it immediately. That’s why I am SO HAPPY I found Glyder Apparel! No joke you guys, immediately after trying these on, I sent an email telling them “It’s like they were custom made just for me”! I love these shorts! If you’d like to see me in action and wearing these shorts, head over to my YouTube Channel. YOU’VE GOT TO TRY THESE!!! —> www.work-sweat-play.com | promo code FITWASTED | receive 30% off | valid through March 3, 2014