Jan 142014


“Gliding Discs” are an awesome way to perform a total body workout. Typically, they are double-sided for versatility and work on both carpet and hard surfaces. From lunges and squats to upper-body exercises, you are guaranteed to target specific muscle groups and tone your entire body! Personally, I don’t own these yet so I’ve made my own version using washcloths. They are the PERFECT alternative and I’m loving the results of my workouts. If you don’t have hardwood floors, no problem. Grab a couple paper plates.

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  2 Responses to “Washcloth Workout”

  1. Try using yoga blocks or something to prop yourself up. That’d definitely work! 😉

  2. Love these workouts! But I can’t seem to get that last one. It’s like my arms are too short or something. LOL! My butt is dragging on the floor.

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