Mar 202014

You vs YouHi #FitFam! Happy Spring and Happy “National Happy Day”!!!

In the busy lives that we lead…it’s You vs You!
It’s easy to not recognize the amazing progress we’ve made. It’s easy to lose focus because of the results we’re “not getting”. It’s easy to quit because of the obstacles that we face.

We must realize that WE are our biggest excuse. WE are our largest roadblock. WE are too distracted from what matters most. The scale won’t tell you how amazing you are! The scale won’t tell you how beautiful you look! The scale won’t admire you for your determination!!!

Why do we continue to search for validation of beauty and acceptance on the scale??? PEOPLE…progress is progress and it can’t be determined by a number. Every drop of sweat counts! Every sore muscle counts! Every healthy choice COUNTS!!! Stop focusing on the number and start focusing on YOU and the PROGRESS you’ve made each day.

— Wake up with determination & go to bed with satisfaction.
— Never wake up with regret.
— Do all things with intention & purpose.
— We are a reflection of our actions.

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